Calling all Mermaids & Water Sprites! This is a photo-shoot unlike any I’ve ever done before, and it’s here to stay! I began this annual underwater photography event in 2017 to help raise awareness around the importance of coral reef ecology, preservation, and ocean health. It is imperative that we work together to preserve the coral reefs that are alive today so that they may thrive for generations to come!

Every summer, I open my pool for one weekend to all children who love the water. Underwater portraits are scheduled back to back in 20 minute increments, and a simple prop is encouraged! This is a donation based shoot with a recommended donation of $125 for one child, or $200 for two children. 10% of all proceeds from the weekend go directly to The WILD Foundation.

If you are curious about learning more about the state of our world's coral reefs, please take a moment to watch this incredible documentary, Chasing Coral.