Sandy Toes

The Araza’s are one of the most inspiring young families I know, and luckily for me, some of my best and most dear friends. They lead a very healthy lifestyle and just burst with happiness and love. Showcasing those very qualities was the goal of this family shoot. I wanted these images to radiate happiness and love! And who doesn’t love little sandy baby bits?!


Sting Like a Bee!

One of the silliest shoots shoots ever! I had SO much fun! As a portrait artist who works with children on a regular basis, I have learned to let myself be a little bit of a kid while on set! Get on the ground with the kiddos, be funny, run around, and don’t take anything too seriously! I am so in love with this series of images! At the end of our shoot, dad Justin was stung by a bee 3 times. Yikes! It just added to the behind the scenes story that you don’t ever see!


Grandpas Hands

Life is precious. When it comes right down to what is important in our human experience, it is love. My dear friend Amanda asked me if I would document her father with her daughters in his element. The way her daughters will always remember grandpa. His amazing hands. Working, teaching, nurturing. We decided on a black and white documentary style approach. What a story. What a memory to cherish forever!


Three Generations

When mom Michele called me about this shoot, I was so excited to work with her. This was a gift to herself for her birthday. What a great way to celebrate life - have your family, the people that mean the most to you, gather for a photo shoot in a gorgeous location. In a matter of less than an hour, images are created that last a lifetime!


Hud the Stud and Cam the Man

I am constantly humbled by the people that I have been lucky enough to surround myself with here in Northern California! A great friend once told me that your choice of friends tell a lot about your personal character. So thank you to yet another lovely family that I get to spend time with, watch grow, and nurture a relationship with!


Fabulous in Floral

When my client, Bridget, asked me to photograph her sweet little girls with her and each grandma, I didn’t hesitate for a second! I love the power of imagery of all women! And, if you are lucky enough to have both grandmas together at the same time, the moment simply must be documented!


Fur Babies

Being a family can look different than the stereotypical mom, dad, brother and sister. Our fur-babies are just as important, and just as much a part of the family! And lucky for these four legged friends, their momma is the most talented and loving caretaker of all things living!


Party of 6!

Talk about a range of ages in this family! We have the oldest off to college, and the youngest just barely walking! Brittany called me and asked to document her family as their youngest was just getting ready to turn one. We had a blast at the park, and made some adorable photographs too!

Rewind a year, and here we have the Parish’s welcoming their youngest baby into the world! I love this huge family and all their spunk and energy!


Phoenix Rising

The Camp Fire was California’s most devastating wildfire to date. Many of our friends were impacted. When I called my dear friend, Kristi, shortly after the reports of the severity of the fire, I asked her if there was anything I could do for her. Without skipping a beat she asked if I would photograph their families “first look” at their house. I did. It was raw and real. I was humbled by their reaction. It was a moment for closure and healing, and they quite gracefully took what tangible items they could, and began again.