Beneath the Surface: Fine Art Fantasy by Kelly Kirlin

Love is in the air ... and underwater!

You deserve a portrait that reflects your unique essence — your personality, your spirit, your passions. My clients love the way my underwater portrait sessions make them feel beautiful, glamorous and elegant!

This video is a peek beneath the surface to show you the experience of being in one of my shoots. You can see into my world as I prepare and execute a totally special kind of portrait that reflects a mother's love for her daughter.

My underwater portraits turn the vision of your heart into tangible form as I capture a fleeting moment in a liquid world. I live for this suspended moment quickly created, and quickly lost. love what I do!

When creating a Fine Art portrait, I spend a lot of time preparing beautiful fabrics, clothing, hair and make-up. I get to know my clients, their loves, and what makes them beautiful inside and out. Inspiration boards ensure that the coloring, clothing, and overall feel of the final image reflects my vision — and what will ultimately be displayed on my clients' walls as a work of art.

Ready to jump in? Give me a call, and we can be in the water in no time, capturing your heart and soul in one gorgeous image!