maternity photos

Patiently Waiting by Kelly Kirlin

In a couple of weeks, my good friend will become a mother for the first time. A big congratulations to Alex and Sophie as they plunge into parenthood. Its incredible. In the past year I have come to fully understand the meaning of "motherhood". Boy has it been quite a learning curve! I have more respect for my mother because of it, and appreciate life in a way I never did before. There's no arguing that the miracle of creating life and giving birth is truly remarkable, however, so is the tremendous amount of work that it requires to be a mom. Especially if you are a working mom! Whoa. Nothing can quite prepare you for that. Here's to all the mom's out there - thank you for creating life, for nurturing life, and for being true family superhero's! We love you and may you have the most lovely mother's day of all this year....

Honey's Baby Bump by Kelly Kirlin

When the owner of Honey's Boutique in Santa Barbara asked me to take her maternity photos, I was ecstatic! I knew this would be a gorgeous shoot for multiple reasons. First, Christine has exquisite, gorgeous taste. Second, she and her husband are beautiful people! And third, we had a brilliant stylist helping to bring the look full circle with hair and make up! Pregnant women are a delight to photograph because they are so radiant, and this couldn't be a better example of that!