kelly kirlin photography

Patiently Waiting by Kelly Kirlin

In a couple of weeks, my good friend will become a mother for the first time. A big congratulations to Alex and Sophie as they plunge into parenthood. Its incredible. In the past year I have come to fully understand the meaning of "motherhood". Boy has it been quite a learning curve! I have more respect for my mother because of it, and appreciate life in a way I never did before. There's no arguing that the miracle of creating life and giving birth is truly remarkable, however, so is the tremendous amount of work that it requires to be a mom. Especially if you are a working mom! Whoa. Nothing can quite prepare you for that. Here's to all the mom's out there - thank you for creating life, for nurturing life, and for being true family superhero's! We love you and may you have the most lovely mother's day of all this year....

Water Babies by Kelly Kirlin

For the past 4 months, I have had the pleasure of photographing babies and children underwater through Swim With Phyn, a swim school based in Goleta, California that teaches children of all ages to swim. Every 9 weeks marks the end of a "swimmester" and what better way to commemorate a swimmester than with an underwater portrait of your beautiful child? These children will never be like this in the water ever again. If I've learned anything from the short time that I have been a mom so far, its that these little bundles of joy grow faster than you can ever imagine! Its one thing when you hear this, but when you experience it first hand, its truly unreal. Here are 2 stunning images from our last shoot that capture these kids at a pivotal time in their young development. There will be another photo shoot at Swim With Phyn for the end of this current swimmester in May. To be a part of it, your kids must have been enrolled in at least 1 swimmester with Julie at some time - even if its not currently. Any inquires, please contact me!

Bubble Up by Kelly Kirlin

Spring is fast approaching! In 3 months your children will be out of school for the summer! Kids have a lot of energy and one of the best ways to expend that energy is to get in the pool! Contact me to book your underwater portraits for the summer! These photo's are stunning, unique, and capture a moment in your children's life unparalleled to any photo you've ever taken of them!

Sam by Kelly Kirlin

My son Henry and I set out for our first road trip with out daddy in 2014! We headed up to San Francisco to photograph a newborn named Sam. Little Sam decided to arrive 2 weeks early into this world, taking us off guard! Newborns need to be photographed roughly between 5-10 days old, so when when we heard the news of his early arrival, we had to act fast! Welcome baby Sam!