2, 3, 4 Kids? No Problem! by Kelly Kirlin

Yes, I can photograph all of your children together underwater. Photographing multiple subjects requires special considerations, but it can be done!

The different height and weight of each child is an issue for an underwater portrait, but the solution is easy – cuddling. Often the children hold on to the beautiful floating fabrics as a tool to get closer underwater – everyone smile! Then we composite multiple images to make sure we get the perfect photograph. Yes, there is more work involved but capturing that charm and charisma between brothers and sisters is priceless. 


What Makes an Amazing Underwater Portrait by Kelly Kirlin


Underwater portraiture can be awe-inspiring. There’s no denying that it can be challenging to create an elegant portrait in an environment where people are typically unaccustomed to breathing, blinking and generally lingering for long periods of time. Many clients wonder how I’m able to create underwater portraits that look authentic, mysterious and glamorous: How do you keep your eyes open? How do you hold your breath and still look normal?

In the photo above, I asked my client exhale all the air out of her lungs while swimming to the bottom of the shallow end of the pool, and then pose. Our lungs act as floatation devices, so the more air you hold in them, the harder it is to get to the bottom of the pool. Also, if you exhale while you’re posing rather than before you pose, you end up with tons of bubbles which distort your face. When you gently exhale all your air before posing, your body has a chance to relax in the liquid environment! 

There are many more tricks and tips I use to help my clients look comfortable and beautiful underwater. Read more in my FAQ here.

Is Fine Art Worth It? by Kelly Kirlin

Having a unique, commissioned piece of art is priceless! Underwater portraiture is an investment that you will be more than happy you made. We are capturing a beautiful and fleeting moment in the lives of the people you care about the most — your family. What could be a more special way to celebrate life’s most important milestones?

The image above was commissioned by a client who wanted to do something remarkable for the artwork at their daughter’s Bat Mitzvah party. There are a lot of investments involved in a special celebration like this, but this unique piece of art made her day even more memorable! This piece of fine art will forever capture their daughter at this important stage of her life. It was an investment that was more than worth the price, time and effort!

Come On In, the Water is Perfect! by Kelly Kirlin

Cold isn’t comfortable. To create a good underwater portrait, your body must be relaxed and loose. While you might swim in water as cold as 60 degrees — or less if you’re attempting a Polar Bear Challenge! — I prefer my pools to be between 88-90 degrees. That may sound pretty warm, but when you consider that your body loses heat 20 times faster in the water than on land, 90 degrees is actually just perfect! 

What If I’m Afraid of the Water? by Kelly Kirlin

You don’t have to be a long-distance swimmer to have your portrait taken underwater! We can capture all the ethereal beauty of being submerged in water, in a way that makes you feel comfortable. There are solutions for everyone, including staying in the shallow end of the pool and keeping your head above water. You can stand on solid ground or hold onto the side of the pool, and still get amazing portraits! Whatever your comfort level, we will style your entire body to show off an elegant gown or a baby bump. In both of the images above, I was able to create gorgeous images without getting a single drop of water on my subjects face!