One is SO Fun

I love the stories behind photographs, and this story is nothing short of sweet! Mom and dad met at college, so they had this awesome idea to have their first baby girl photographed on her first birthday on that campus where mom and dads romance began! And, another gorgeous floral design by Melinda at M Creations.


Pretty in Pink

I absolutely love when my client, Victoria, calls me up for a shoot! This woman is so adventurous in what she wants to do with her baby girl! We had a blast creating this balloon-princess series of imagery. The baby was a dream model, and we had the perfect location and props to bring the story to life!


Country Girl

I’ve had the pleasure of photographing this little love bundle since she was born! For her first birthday, we went back to the same country spot where mom and dad were married! We even got to recreate thier famous “wedding kiss” image, which Cricket found hilarious!


Eligible Bachelors; For Now

So, I might be a little bias on this one, but these little boys are the most handsome, amazing beings I’ve ever met! And, their mine! What a lucky momma I am!


Bubble Beauty

Oh sweet Hunter. How I love watching this sweet girl grow up! Her momma had the best idea to go to the Santa Barbara Mission Rose Garden with a bunch of bubbles and play around! It was a blast!


Full Bloom

One of the most beautiful times of the year in Northern California is unarguably, the Almond Blossom Bloom. It is like something out of a fairy-tale book. Gorgeous pink and white blossoms absolutely everywhere. This event is a master at disguise and stealth. You never know when its gonna happen, and then, just like a snap of a finger, it’s gone!


Merbaby, Ahoy!

This little doll baby is a product of a mom and dad who LOVE the water. She is bound to be a true “water baby”. So of course her first solo photo shoot had to be on the beach, and in a  mermaid outfit :) 


The Luck of the Irish

You can’t help but to smile looking at this adorable March baby and his gorgeous red hair! When my friend Nikki asked me to set up a shoot to celebrate her youngest son being born on St. Patty’s Day and turning one, we had luck on our side! The park was brilliantly green everywhere, and the weather was idyllic. Brother even got in on a some cake action!


Three's Company

One of my very dearest friends in the world called me while I was on vacation in Colorado where she lives and asked if I could photograph her nieces and nephew. Of course, I said yes, and I immediately knew this shoot was going to be playful and colorful and different. The goal here was to let the children pick out colorful, funky clothes and just go to town playing at the park. I chased them around and let them be kids. It was perfect in every way! 


Lights, Camera, Act!

Acting is such a talent! And when you have two gifted acteresses in one family, that’s something to celebrate! I photographed these adorable ladies at their home in Santa Barbara, CA. for their program head shots. Can’t wait to see where their careers take them!