Pretty in Pink

I absolutely love when my client Victoria calls me up for a shoot! This woman is so adventurous in what she wants to do with her baby girl! We had a blast creating this balloon princess series of imagery. The baby was a dream model, and we had the perfect location and props to bring the story to life!


Three's Company

One of my very dearest friends in the world called me while I was on vacation in Colorado where she lives and asked if I could photograph her nieces and nephew. Of course, I said yes, and I immediately knew this shoot was going to be playful and colorful and different. The goal here was to let the children pick out colorful, funky clothes and just go to town playing at the park. I chased them around and let them be kids. It was perfect in every way! 


Mer-Baby, Ahoy!

This little doll baby is a product of a mom and dad who LOVE the water. She is bound to be a true “water baby”. So of course her first solo photo shoot had to be on the beach - in a  mermaid outfit :) 


Little Women

Not sure about these….. are they worth keeping? I just thought maybe good to have a little older children? If yes, then I’m still lost on the text. Their mom hired me to take headhsots of the girls for their theater pamphlet profiles. I was able to capture a little “sister love” along the way :)